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David Craig is an experienced online marketing professional, who has a broad knowledge and skill set of search engine optimisation, online advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, competitor analysis and statistical reporting.

Google Trends & The 2017 UK General Election

On the night of the election, I was all ready to have an early night. Settled in bed at 9.30 pm I was going to get some proper rest. Then the exit poll came out and that was that. Up till 3 am in the morning I was fascinated with the results coming through and [...]

Google releases new video on how to hire an SEO consultant

A somewhat involved but positive video from google about how to hire a seo company. I particularly relate to the last point made! "Thinking of hiring an SEO firm or consultant? Watch this video from Google's Maile Ohye on what questions to ask and what to look for during that hiring process." Via:

R.I.P. Ray Tomlinson – Godfather of email :)

Ray Tomlinson who died last week made it clear that he was working outside of his day job remit when he pursued the possibility of communicating between the available computer hosts. He pushed it through because “It was such a neat idea.” Working on ARPANET the precursor to the internet he put two programs together in 1971 so that files could be sent to time-sharing computer users. The first email was simply a test and the content promptly forgotten because as he said himself it wasn’t very memorable. Ray was quite a modest type and although proud of his achievement played it down somewhat. He joked that E-mail could now become email as the hyphen wasn’t necessary anymore after all this time. He utilised the @ sign which had already been in use although in this new ‘killer app’ it separated local from global and designated the person to person communication. […]

Reputation Protection Management Services

A client approached me recently with a dilemma. They had repeatedly been refused employment due to a driving offence listing which came up when people googled their name. Firstly we contacted Google via their “Search removal request under data protection law in Europe” form. Google did not however agree to remove the search results despite valid arguments, which surprised me! […]

Links To Your Site Violate Google’s Quality Guidelines

I was recently working on a website and we received a message via Google webmaster tools instructing us that "Links to your site violate Google's quality guidelines". Their previous SEO agency had been using all kinds of spammy link building techniques, such as paying for links on poor quality, irrelevant blogs. At first it seemed [...]

I Make You Number One in Google

According to many of the emails I receive from people selling SEO services, they can make my website "number one in Google".  SEO has sometimes such a poor reputation due to people offering low quality services. SEO used to be easier and spammers could get away with pushing websites to the top. Nowadays you need [...]

Interflora SEO – Did They Use The Google Disavow Links Tool?

There has been much press in the last few days in regards to Interflora being banished by Google for apparently purchasing advertorial links on national UK-based newspaper websites.  It now looks like Interflora are back in Google, not only for their brand name but also for many top searched on generic phrases, such as "funeral flowers" and [...]

Talent in Cornwall – The Big List

In response to large corporate companies hard selling, below average or poor website design and marketing services in Cornwall, I have decided to put a list together of useful resources.  There are many talented people in Cornwall, people who understand the market, will take the time to deliver the best creative ideas and solutions,  as well [...]

Google Over Optimisation Penalties

I was speaking with a client tonight, who was asking why their website had dropped off page one of Google for a generic search term. Their website is currently listed in Google, in 11th place for this particular search term, with some heavyweight websites above them. I'm sure we will sort this mess out! However I mentioned [...]

Why Do We Like SEO Over PPC?

I'm not sure why but ive always stayed away from PPC. I think part of it, is because it's time-consuming enough just dealing with SEO, never mind PPC and now we have social media as well. Another thing about SEO, is that it feels a little more concrete. Once you have gained a good position it's just [...]

Is SEO Mind-Boggling?

I can imagine it might be a bit mind-boggling to someone who is new to SEO to grasp what is going on.  Apparently there are so many different factors which count towards getting ranked well in the search engines these days. However if you break it down and try to avoid reading into what other people are [...]

What Do Companies Use Twitter For?

In the age of social media, companies ignore tools like Twitter at their peril. Almost every major brand now has a presence on Twitter, whether it’s Best Buy’s “Twelpforce” or Discover’s social networking team, and for those who have not yet jumped into the fray, it’s time to get moving! There are a multitude of [...]

The New Frontier For Online Advertising

Advertising has always managed to push the bounds of creativity at every turn. It is the process of getting individuals to pay attention to a particular message, so we can expect that it will go wherever the people are. Lately, in the UK in particular we have seen a massive increase in internet advertising. The BBC [...]

Who Is Using Twitter?

Twitter is more than just celebrities and jokesters. It is most popular with young adults and those involved in computer and Internet technology. Young, Hispanic females who make less than $25,000 annually and live in urban areas comprise the largest percentage of Twitter users. Still, Twitter has tens of millions of users, so even if [...]

Online Reputation – Google Ranking

Think your online reputation has no affect on your Google ranking? Think Again. Some online businesses work hard to increase their ranking on Google, deliver a great product, and keep their customers happy. In past years, before online commerce became what it is today, operating with honesty and integrity was the most successful way to [...]

Google Instant Previews

Google Instant Previews, show you a visual preview of your search results, which is handy if you want an idea of what a site might be like before you click into it. This I would imagine will affect how people design their websites, as attractive appealing sites are likely to be clicked on more. Maybe sites which are [...]

Local and Lazy Search

Google chief Eric Schmidt, was recently showing off the latest mobile technologies at the IFA 2010 conference in Berlin. He said that one in three searches from mobile phones are to do with things or places in the user’s immediate vicinity. I can believe that, especially if you are visiting somewhere you have never been [...]

Google Instant

Whenever Google launches a new product or update there is always a big debate as to whether people like it or not. I have to say I like Google Instant. I like the way the search results automatically change as you type your query. I like the way you can scroll through the suggested terms [...]