Search Engine Marketing Agency in Truro Cornwall.

There is great deal of excitement, frustration and worry over search engine marketing. There are CEO’s out there itching to get the top of Google but don’t quite understand why after spending thousands, their website is going nowhere in the SERPS. This is always going to annoy any executive who tends to get their own way by flashing the cash.

  • We understand the frustration and the confusion.
  • We understand that fixing a bug on a site can take precedence over SEO.
  • We understand how often SEO developments are left on the back burner.
  • We understand why when there are so many stakeholders involved in the development of a site, it’s often that SEO is watered down.

This where we come into play and this is how we differ. We give you a no-nonsense view, we get results and we do it for value for money. We live and breathe the Internet and we come from an ethos of sharing, which is how the WWW developed. We thrive by getting results. It’s the perfect way to gain new business, but secretly we just love it when we beat the competition!

We can give you a realistic picture of SEO and what can be achieved in terms of your organisation. The important point to note is that we get results no matter the scenario. It’s just a matter of patience, politics and hard work.

In conclusion search engine marketing is a lot about common sense. It’s about taking the time to carry out thorough research as well as competitor and industry analysis. There should be no short cuts.

For further information, an appraisal or a quote, please call David Craig on 07756 714356 or email:

With over a decade of experience of working in search engine marketing, we are always positive at achieving excellent results. If there is a reason your website is not now ranking well in Google, we will tell you the reason and show you the way forward.

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We have gained top positions for highly competitive terms such as "accounting software", “fashion jobs”, “security guards”, “cleaning company” and “sales training”. So if you looking to promote your website to page one of Google, for more traffic, increased sales and a better ROI, then please get in touch…

Testimonial: "We wanted to write and thank you for the work you've done on our website and the implementation of the online booking system. Guests say they love the website and ease of online booking. And we love the big increase in bookings that has resulted! We've seen a 45% increase in bookings since we started working with you. Guests tell us that our web site is one of the first to come up when they search for accommodation in Truro. And it's great to have someone to turn to when there's a problem. Thanks for sorting out our panic stricken queries so quickly!" Rob & Moyra Nolan - Truro Lodge

Search Engine Optimisation – Case Study

One of our clients, a London (UK) based recruitment consultant, commissioned us to design and promote a new website as the core of all their online recruitment marketing activities. We duly designed a user-friendly site, which is also search engine friendly, to attract candidates and clients. We advised the company on their on-line recruitment strategy, but, above all, we worked on optimising the site on a variety of search engines by:

  • Researching the key words and phrases clients and candidates use to search for recruitment agencies and its related jobs.
  • Working with the agency to build up a content strategy.
  • Building up links from other recruitment websites and relevant industry related websites.
  • Optimising the job posting themselves.

The results, all through the website – speak for themselves:

  • An enquiry from an American food company expanding into the UK. They now have an exclusive relationship with this company.
  • Other new clients include a retail chain company expanding in Saudi Arabia, a London (UK) based confectionary company and a London-based Leisure company.
  • They won another London (UK) based client who said “wherever I searched on the net, your name kept popping up”
  • The inflow of quality candidates through the website has been a huge success, saving the company thousands of pounds on press advertising.

We now have an ongoing relationship with the company and constantly work to make sure their website is visible to the right people through search engine optimisation, social media, pay per click advertising and email marketing.